In case ya’ll didn’t know I started a new carreer this month, and I am sorry I haven’t been around but I only really write on here when I get a stray thought stuck in my head and  it swirls around and around till I can’t think straight and I have to get it out, on this, my journal of sorts.

Honestly I haven’t been having really that many stray thoughts lately.  I have been reading and working and just getting over being super sick which we all know sucks balls!

But then my daughter said something to me the other day that really caught my attention.  Her so-called friend told her about Bloody Mary.

And she was terrified.

Being close to Halloween I understood why it was brought up.  But how to dispel my daughter’s lingering fear without freaking her out more?  Hell, I am still scared of Bloody Mary and I am a grown ass woman.

We all know who Bloody Mary is don’t we?  Not the hangover cure folks! Oh dear lord let me do some research real quick for those that don’t.

I will start by telling you what we used to do when we were kids.  We would go into the bathroom and light a candle.  Stare in the mirror with the lights off and say Bloody Mary three times.  She was supposed to appear. She never did.  But the thought of a ghost appearing in a darkened room was scary enough for me to remember it over twenty years later.

According to the World Wide Web, Bloody Mary is many people.

She was a queen who had many miscarriages.

She was a queen who killed lots of virgins and bathed in their blood to keep her youthful appearance.  (Yuck)

She also goes by the name Mary Worth and appearntly she was a witch that lived over 100 years ago and was killed.

I have also heard a more recent version in which she was in a car accident and was horribly disfigured.  So if you call her name she will appear in the mirror with her mishapen face.

I have even read that if you walk backwards up the stairs with a candle holding a mirror and calling her name the face of your husband is supposed to appear.  If you see the grim reaper then that means you will die before you get married.  (oh please)

I don’t even remember what the legend was when I was a kid, all I know is that if you called her name she would appear. Of course that never actually happened when we did it.  (I must confess to still being afraid to look in the mirror at night though) *shivers*

Now I AM a believer of ghosts but this is just ridicuous.  My daughter is under the impression that she is real and will come for her.

She is SIX people!  Six freaking years old.

I have told her it isn’t real and it’s just for pretendsies but she swears her friend is telling the truth and of course I am no expert cause I am just the mom.

So now I don’t like this friend.  Why is she intentionally scaring my daughter?  Is my daughter gullible?  Or does she WANT to believe for the scary fun of it.  My thought is on the latter.  I can’t make her unafraid.  This is one of those rights of passage where you can only stand back and watch as she transitions into an individual.  There is literaly nothing that I can do.  She has to deal with it.   The hardest job I have ever had to do with my daughter is let her deal with it on her own.  That shit is difficult.  You get it, I am sure.

It probably doesn’t help that I can’t stand scary things. I tend to freak out a little. I won’t go to hunted houses and I won’t watch scary movies.  I used to watch a paranormal show on t.v. but that shit scared me so bad I had a relapse of my irrational fear of the dark and couldn’t hardly go to the bathroom at night because I didn’t want to walk by  a mirror and have some ghost or demon reach out and grab me.  (I would serisouly run past the mirror)

But…..I love scary books.  I have no idea why.  It is very weird that they don’t scare me at all.  They should scare me more right?  *scratches head*

At any rate, I can only hold my breath and wait for my daughters latest round of Bloody Mary fears to pass. She hasn’t mentioned it in a few days so it’s looking pretty good…….

‘What’s that honey?  She told you about Jason from Halloween?’


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