Dear Diary, uh, I mean blog

My daughters school is wanting.  It is supposed to be the best elementary school in the district.  And statistically it is.  I don’t really give two S%!ts about the statistics though.

My daughter writes her fours like this 4.
Her teacher marks it wrong.
I get frustrated.
My husband says let it go. That this is what she will have to deal with in life and it teaches her to adjust to others rules. He says he has a boss that is very strict and its his way or the highway.

I can’t let it go though!  My mind resists the idea that something so trivial can be an issue! Where will it end?

She has to bend to others even if she is right? How is that teaching her?  To me that’s just stupid. I am a bit of a non-conformist in my view and I try to teach my daughter to question everything.  You can’t take everything someone says at face value.

I have trust issues. Who doesn’t?

But the issue of the four has dug under my skin like a tick and I cant pry it out. Why the hell does it matter how she writes her fours? Who are you to judge my six year old daughter and tell her she is wrong? Especially when she isn’t. For crying out loud she is only six!  I write my fours that way too.

It seems dramatic I know, but I just think about how today it’s the fours and down the line its something bigger. A snowball effect if you will.  Yeah, I know, this isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things.  I have even thought to myself, am I being THAT mom.  You know, the one who thinks her child can do no wrong.  So, I practice what I preach and went to two outside sources to get an opinion.

This is what one of my peeps wrote me;
I would definitely talk to the teacher. Be like, okay in the scheme of things, this is minor and get over it. I will talk to her @ writing it the way you do in class but if not… oh well! She knows what the eff a FOUR is and shouldn’t be marked down. It’s math class not english or grammar.  Just tell her, you think it’s stupid and she needs to move on…

My other co-worker told me that I should also talk to the teacher.  Okay, maybe talk isn’t the right word.  Let’s just say she said it in a way I can’t repeat on this forum.  LOL. You guys would love my friends.  We should have our own sitcom.

Moving on.  I am vindicated in my thinking!  I am not THAT mom.  Sorry honey, you got the short end of the stick on this debate.

But since I have had time to think about it with a more rational head, I will most likely not make a big stink about this particular issue.  I know, you are all probabaly thinking…Carla, WTF? You just wrote all this crap about sticking to your guns!  Make a stand! It’s the principle and all that jazz.
Look, when I get riled up with a figure of authority, it generally isn’t pretty.  I am thinking of my daughter.  I am supposed to be a grown up.  And grown ups act with tact, right?

Plus, the issue that I have with the teacher can be more easily remedied in my eyes by simply speaking to my daughter. I will emphasize the fact that teachers aren’t always right and she is correct in writing her fours that way. As long as I can make her aware that this particular teacher chooses to be picky in her grading, I will be satisfied with the way I handled it.  Plus, I am a conserver of energy, and being that mad about it just isn’t my style.  I have better things to worry about.  Like when my daughter gets older and starts wanting to have sex and do drugs.  You, see? I am keeping it all in perspective.  🙂

Looks like my husbands reasonable voice penetrated the fog that is my indignance.  Point for you hubby!

I will leave you with this, which is actually great advice.

Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child ~


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