No good deed goes unpunished

Crap you guys I really am a nice person.  It really hit me this morning.  So I bought some shirts for some fundraiser.  I got too many and they offered to help with a giveaway for the extras cause lets face it what the heck am I gonna do with more than one of the same shirt?

How sweet is that?

People I never met are willing to help with a giveaway.  This may seem like a small thing but its not to me.  I only know a handful of people in my 3D life that would be willing to help me in that capacity.   And here she is offering to help me, someone she never met, a nobody who can barely get her weekly blog posts up in time.

Wait, is that normal?

Are people nice to you when you are nice to them?

Thats just weird to me.  I know it gets said but in practice these things rarely prove true.  At least in my experience.  People are always out for number one, themselves.
What can I get out if it?
What’s in it for me?
You are gonna owe me that favor.
Is it too early for the deep thinking?

So back to the point.  Are people nice to you when you are nice to them? My thoughts are up in the air on this. These questions I ask myself can almost never be anwered with a simple yes or no.

Let’s talk it out shall we?  Is it an attention seeking venture? If I am nice to you I get positive attention returned back and that always feels good right? But is that selfish?  Some people are addicted to the praise.  Some people do good things for others in hopes of getting attention.  You can get drunk on the accolades you recieve.  I kinda look down on this because what is the point of doing something nice for someone if you are ultimately doing it for yourself. An example of this would be when you help a friend or homeless person out with money or food and then go tell everyone.  No need to publicise your good deeds for all to admire.  You are doing it for the wrong reasons and that in my eyes isn’t genuinely nice at all.

Shit, am I too cynical?

Moving on, Is it a payback issue?  Do you feel the need to repay their kindness because you can’t owe anyone ANYTHING. This is something that spewed from my moms mouth more than once and only now that I am older do I really see that she was most likely wrong.   It’s okay to do something for others and not expect anything in return.  Do it and forget it. Well, don’t forget it but don’t publicise it to make yourself look good.

It genuinely feels good that me, a stranger, can help and have a positive impact on someone who needs it. Gah, I sound like a sappy pushover. Don’t get it twisted folks. I will cut you if you hurt me or mines.

Ahem, sorry, I dont know why I feel the need to lash out like that to prove a point that I am not a pushover. Another one of my moms quirky teachings that was pounded into my brain so often that long after she is gone I still have this almost compulsive need to pay everyone back that has ever done something for me.

But that is a story for another day.

I leave you with this.

When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be.
Julia Glass

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