Why I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day

Welcome, bienvenidos and all that jazz.  Let’s get right to the heart of it shall we?  No, I don’t celebrate mom’s day.  You know why?  I am an insensitive jerk.

No, that’s not why.  My mom’s dead. Has been for years.  (there’s the insensitivity)

Therefore, I feel it doesn’t apply to me.

Yes, I have a stepmom. I call her smom.  Clever, isnt it? (Coincidentally, we are going out on saturday so you can count that if you want)  But, she is not my mom.  I was brought up, you only have one mom. There are no replacements , exchanges or refunds.

My mom and I never really got along till after I moved out of the house. She had problems, who doesn’t? I have problems because of her problems.  Big whoop. We are all in need of some therapy, are we not?  I have yet to meet a completely well adjusted person.  All-american-dysphunctional chic, that’s me.  Before I go off on a tangent about my mommy issues, which, trust me, no one wants to hear; I just wanted to say that it’s okay to NOT celebrate this holiday.

I have reasons.

What about the folks with two dads? They don’t celebrate it.  What about the folks like me? No mom around. Or the ones who are raised by extended family.  Like grandparents and what not.  They don’t celebrate it.  Not that big of a deal  really.  I keep getting asked what I am gonna do for mom’s day.

My answer is this: Eh, nothing.

One text conversation in particular stood out for me.

Her: Hheeeyyy
Me: Hi!
Her: Happy early mothers day
Me: Oh, you too, I forgot about it.
Her: Lol
Me: it’s this weekend?
Her: sunday
Me: well, I don’t have a mom so we don’t celebrate
Her: U are a mom babe
Me: its funny cause <hubby> doesn’t have a dad so he doesn’t celebrate that either
Her: That’s not really funny
Me: No?

I was cracking up about it actually. (more insensitivity)

I have to laugh or I will start to think about all the milesstones that she missed.  Like my wedding.  Her first grandchild being born. Or all the times that I would have liked to call her when my daughter was being a brat to ask advice.  Okay, I really do need to stop or I will start crying.
Yeah, I will most likely go to my closet, pat my mom’s ashes and say,”happy moms day”  and go about my day. Yes, I keep my mom’s ashes in a cherrywood box in my closet.
Don’t look at me like that.
She likes to hang out.

Anywho, my point is…wait, I had a point. Hold on while I go find it.

Oh, yeah, my point is it’s okay to abstain from celebrating.   It’s quite liberating.  No pressure to get that perfect gift.  Free to lounge about or not.  And I have the added bonus of being a non-conformist in this aspect.

Let me be clear, to all who do celebrate it, I am not knocking you. Go visit or call your mom, take her out to dinner, get a massage.  Oooo, a message sounds nice.

I am gonna lounge on the couch, reading or socializing.
And I am okay with that.


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