End of year goals

Hey y’all.  How goes things?  All is well with you and yours I hope?  Today I’m talking about end of year goals.  Do you have any?  Are you struggling with half finished projects?  Tell me about them, I’m certainly going to tell you guys about mine!

I have roughly four major goals for the end of the year.  1. start a new weight regime, 2. start on the front and back yard, 3. get my daughter settled in school so I can go back to work next year without wondering if shes adjusted okay, and 4. finish my WIP.

1. Start a weight loss regime.  I have spoke with my husband about my weight loss journey and he is fully supportive.  I have a few options I want to look into.  The first is a medical weight loss management program that is offered through my heath care provider.  It’s about 2 years long I believe with the first 8 months being closely monitored by physicians and consisting of meal replacement drinks and their food only.  I really like this one because it offers a personalized program with a doctor and has a weekly support group.  I have my first meeting at the end of this month.

The other option I’m looking into is the weight loss surgery, which comes with risks. I have heard that a majority of people who get the surgery become alcoholics.  I do not know if that is true but it scares me a bit. I would much rather try something less invasive.  I could keep this as a last resort.  It is tempting to just do the surgery because it sounds like the easy way but I would have to change my eating and workout habits after the surgery anyway so why not try the to change my habits first, right?  I’m going to a overview meeting to find out more information next month.

2. Working on my lawn.   I’m waiting on ATT to mark up my yard to see if we have any underground cables or stuff that will inhibit my digging up the yard for landscaping.  Here is a picture of what my lawn looks like now…..


I know right, that shits got to go!  I want to re-seed it or maybe go with sod. I hear its not that expensive.  We have some broken sprinklers that need to be fixed as well.

3. My kid is in her second week of school and she seems to be doing fine but I want to be home for a bit longer so we can both get used to the new district.  I have enough money to stay home for the rest of the year, being able to take my time finding a good fitting job that is close to home is such a weight off my shoulders.

And finally 4. I have the time to hopefully finish my WIP.  I have an outline and the prologue done. And I love it!  I just need to actually write it down.  Wish me luck!

So what are your end of year goals?  Anything scary you are gonna attempt?  Share with me!

~Curly Carla

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