New year, new me BS

Okay, so, I am a hard core believer in changing and growing as a person.  And I totally believe in New Years resolutions.  But I saw something recently that made me realize that resolutions are not just for the new year.  It was a cute little FB video of a child saying that resolutions can be made every day.  They do not have to be big changes, they can be little things like opening the door for someone you don’t know. Or choosing to forgive someone.  Or remembering to say thank you. Each little moment that you choose what’s right instead of what’s easy.  We’ve all been there amiright?

I mean, lets face it, most resolutions fail.  And its most likely due to the fact that people give up. Or think that once they miss a day at the gym or forget they are not eating sugar that that’s it. It’s over!  ::throws hands in the air:: The resolution has died and now I must wait a WHOLE YEAR before I can try again.

Well, that’s just not true, it is?  Life is made up of little moments in which you can change. Like this morning for instance, when I drop my daughter off at school there is another street that connects to the main one heading towards her school.  I always allow a car that is waiting to turn onto that street heading in.  Because its the RIGHT thing to do. We take turns, we all have kids trying to get to school on time so why be a dick if I don’t have to?  But this morning after I let the car in another car crept up on the other side of me and cut me off!  I was so pissed! I let my car in, why couldn’t she wait her turn?  This is one of those times where I can affect change.  My daughter is in the car.  Do I rant and rave about the injustice of this rude person?  Or do I take a breath, wussah that shit out and just LET IT GO.

Honestly? I did both. I called her an asshole and then let it go.  But tomorrow is another chance for me.  I don’t have to wait a whole year before I try again.  I guess the point is to be forgiving of yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took nine months for you to gain that weight before having that baby. It’s gonna take at least that amount of time to lose it.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  And all that jazz. 🙂

And with that comes my big resolution.  I am following in a person I admire’s footsteps and attempting to give up fast food this year. (Cassie Mae is a great inspiration to me)  Oh my goodness I’m so scared I will fail you guys!  But even if I do, I will not give up.  Because one slip up isn’t going to kill my resolution.  I have 365 times to try again.

I have others, like being on more pictures instead of taking them and having a gratitude jar.  And I should probably have a resolution to journal at least once a week, but I’ve already proven to be intermittent on these posts so I figure I can be consistent in my inconsistency!  The fast food one is by far the biggest thing I’ve ever attempted on my own.  I’m lucky to have the support of my husband. My daughter…..not so much.  LOL, but that’s cause if I give it up that means she has too as well! And she loves her some Panera.

My daughters resolution is to be better at ice skating.  (She has only done it once so I don’t know were that came from.) I tried to tell her she should think about something that will help her grow as a person but I may be putting too much on an eight year old.

So what are some of your resolutions for the year?  Come on, don’t be shy.  Share with us.


4 thoughts on “New year, new me BS

  1. I want to read 50 indie books (at least) this year. I want to learn to knit, and I got the needles already. I want to write daily, even if it’s just twenty words (so far, so good on that). And yeah, the whole weight/exercise thing. I’m not doing terrible with that so far (probably helped along by the abscessed tooth, I can’t chew anything). Um, and play more board games with the family.

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  2. I don’t do resolutions!! But I adore your attitude, because that is something I try to stress to anyone making changes, because I think people forget they are human and give up too easily. So I’m super proud of you!! Change is hard, sometimes you need to take a few runs at it to make it stick, so keep trying every day and forgive yourself if you slip! The key is to try again tomorrow!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog and commented:
    I read a “peer-reviewed” social psych article (gold standard in research) once that indicated that “resolutions” were successful if they were simple and did not involve complicated behavior (and built upon existing behavior). i.e. the “small changes” are almost always the ones that are successful (and make a difference).

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