FB friends vs. IRL friends

Hey guys, how goes it? I’m just chillin’ over here in my own little piece of blogosphere, working and attempting to do a good job at adulting.  Do you think they notice I have no idea what I am doing yet?  🙂

Anyway,  my husband and I were talking and he was telling me about how he met some guy through FB that needed help with his mini-truck….

~Okay, wait, I should give you a bit of background on him real quick. Let’s call him…husband, he wont like me putting his name out here without his permission. So husband is REALLY into mini-trucks.  He owns one that is lowered with air bags.  He likes to drive around to car shows and enter, he has won awards for it.  It’s built not bought (very important in his eyes) and he is also part of a car club that we hang out with from time to time as well. I think that’s all you really need to know for now. ~

So the FB guy happened to be a local and husband said he was gonna try and help him to get his truck put right in the hopes that he would cultivate a friendship and maybe join the car club.  Like attracts like yeah? I told him I think its great that he is meeting people on FB and able to create a friendship with them.  Just like I have done and still do with my book nerd friends.  This is where he’s kinda rolled his eyes and was all, “Yeah but they are just FB friends.”

::GASP:: Ouch! Uhm, no, they are my REAL friends.

I have developed true friendships with these people. We have talked about personal shit. Not just book stuff.  I have met some of them IRL and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I laugh with them, cry with them, and we share in each others successes.  One time, I got a group card from some writers and friends congratulating me on the purchase of our first home.  You know what I got from my IRL friends?  They didn’t even show up to my house warming party!  Some of them still haven’t ever seen my house.   Hell, I get fucking Christmas cards and birthday gifts from my FB friends and vice versa!  I was upset at the attempt to minimize their status just because we happened to meet on FB.

Is it just me? Do I put too much feelings on it?  Are these friendships ‘lesser’ because of the platform in which we met?  I don’t like thinking that.  I speak to most of them on a daily basis, surely if they didn’t feel the same we wouldn’t interact so much yeah? I like to think they care about me as much as I care about them.  I mean, their actions prove I’m right.  And I’m one who looks at those types of things.

It just made me wonder if my husband wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  So I would like to pose the question to you:

Do you think that friends you have met on FB are equal  in status to your real life friends? Is there a qualifying statement when you introduce or talk about your FB friends as opposed to your IRL friends?   Like, do you say “Oh my FB friend so and so got the job they wanted!”  Or is it just “So and so got the job they wanted!”

I’m just wondering for my own personal curiosity.  I’m not trying to start a this or that type of debate.  But hey, I’m a lover of open debate so we could do that too if you want. Anyway, feel free to comment with your response.  In the meantime, my lunch break is about over so I should really be getting back.  I’ll leave you with this quote:

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to the other, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ~C.S. Lewis


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