11802752_10205977821302451_351943845682839123_oI’m not so good at talking about myself. I much prefer to listen to other people talk about themselves.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration. 🙂
I’m pretty sure I’m an extrovert but I do love me some alone time. I am currently employed by the county, a mother, wife and I also co-pilot another blog with my PIC Lenore over at https://celebrityreaders.wordpress.com/  I love to read, write, review and promote all authors.  I don’t go out of my way to push my views on anyone but I will defend them if asked.  I’m not a fan of the news and rarely watch TV.  I do love me some DW, GOT, OUAT and Outlander.  I am thinking about starting another show on Netlfix.  Which one do you recommend?
So, drop me a line if you have questions, or answers cause I like to hear those too.

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