Life is like a box of chocolates….

You ever feel like you have good things going for you and you think to yourself, “When is the bad gonna come?” That’s me ALL THE TIME.  I am constantly looking for the bad.  So I can prepare.  It’s just terrible I know.  Clearly I need therapy. Anyways, recently had my car broke down. I … More Life is like a box of chocolates….


Writing revelations

Hey all! How goes your life? I hope it’s going as well as mine.  I recently celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary and it was fricking awesome!  We went to SF for the night and had so much fun bar hopping and strolling the pier.  We ate some great philly cheesesteaks at this little whole … More Writing revelations

Checking in…..

Hi, remember me? No, I didn’t think you did. I haven’t posted on this blog in so long I thought about deleting it. But I’ve had the itch to write so here I am.   I’ve noticed that August is usually when I start to get all my new years resolutions ideas.  I have no … More Checking in…..

The rules of engagement (AKA The non-political-political post)

My husband and I have rules for fighting at our house to reduce collateral damage. No name calling – this does nothing but but intentionally hurt the other person.  Why? No bringing up the past – Have you ever been in a fight and you just keep going in circles? Yeah, forgive and forget works. … More The rules of engagement (AKA The non-political-political post)

New year, new me BS

Okay, so, I am a hard core believer in changing and growing as a person.  And I totally believe in New Years resolutions.  But I saw something recently that made me realize that resolutions are not just for the new year.  It was a cute little FB video of a child saying that resolutions can … More New year, new me BS

End of year goals

Hey y’all.  How goes things?  All is well with you and yours I hope?  Today I’m talking about end of year goals.  Do you have any?  Are you struggling with half finished projects?  Tell me about them, I’m certainly going to tell you guys about mine! I have roughly four major goals for the end of … More End of year goals