Day One

So, its my first day back after summer break.  And I am excited for this class.  Its a health class, which, while I am not as healthy as I want to be, I like to think I am pretty knowledgable when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Struggling with a healthy lifestyle my entire life has made me research like mad on the best ways to get the weight off and keep it off.  A battle I am still fighting.  But I digress.

I love school.  School is so fun for me.  I love to meet new classmates and hear everyones opinion on what they think is the correct answer to a problem.  More often than not I am about 75/50 on that scale.  Unless it’s math, that I’m pretty good at.  It wasn’t always so.  I used to hate it.  Maybe I should clarify, I hated high school.

I know what you’re thinking….Who didn’t?  I know, I know, high school is like this crappy rite of passage for teenagers.  Those of us who are too young to be taken seriously but too old to be treated like a child.

Being a teenager sucked ass.  I thought I was so cool.  I knew everything, and no one else knew better than me.  I had lived life, who were these old people trying to give me advice. Pfft, I didn’t need advice from folks taking geritol.  They didn’t know what it was like to live in this day and age.  I was such a shit.

Oh, gosh, I don’t even want to think about all the embarrassing things I did as a teenager.   One time I pretended that I was an exchange student just so I could go to my friends choir class with her.  I can’t sing a lick.  Actually, that one was kinda funny.

This other time I pretended to be a deaf exchange student so I wouldn’t have to particiapte in my friends gym class that I had slipped into.  Who does that? Who cuts class to go to another class? Me, apparently.  One thing I really regret is taunting the yard duties.  Vickie and Pauline used to escort me to class because I cut so much.  At lunch, I took off running and Pauline chased me but she slipped in a gopher hole and broke her ankle.  She was out of work for 6 weeks because of me.  At the end of the year she told me that I single handely ruined this job for her. It was her first and only year because she quit.  I know, I’m a shit.

Eventually, I got kicked out of high school because I thought that I didn’t need it.  I was bored and cutting class was so much more fun.  That is one of my biggest regrets in life. The entire second semester I didn’t do a single piece of homework or classwork. I bearly showed up.  My GPA was 0.00.  I hear many people say that if thay had the chance to go back and do it all over again they wouldn’t change a thing because they are happy with where they are today.  And while I am happy with my station in life currently. I would absolutely change that. I would effing graduate.  With honors.  Because I could’ve if I wanted to. I’m smart enough to have made it to the honor roll.  I was on it before I gave up.

It sounds like such a waste right?  But I think that teenagers are too young to understand how important an good education is.  Or it may have been my upbringing.  As a teenager, I already knew everything so school wasn’t necessary.

I am so glad that second chances are a thing.  I am soooooo glad for that.  It will take some time to finish since I am working full time along with making my family a priority as well. But it is worth it to me. I don’t care if I’m 50 or older when I finish.  The point is I WILL finish.

College is my second chance.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  From the moment I stepped into my first class, I knew I was where I belonged.  People who WANTED to be there. We weren’t forced to.  And I think that is a huge difference between high school and college.  It took me a long time to go back and realize what a fool I had been back then.

Now, I’m a self-proclaimed life long learner.  Anyone else here a life long learner as well?  To clarify for others like me who basically dropped out, Lifelong learning is the ‘ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

I do it for both.  I do it to get my degree in english because I love english and I do it so I can transfer to a four year where I can finish up my paralegal certificate.

So, yeah, I’m taking a health class.  It’s my first day today. And I can’t wait to meet everyone in my class and learn new things.

Because Knowledge really is power.


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